HierarchyLeaves imply branches, branches trunks, and trunks roots

Hierarchical organization is the simplest structure for perceiving and understanding complexity.

ConfirmationAre you sure you want to proceed?

Confirmations prevent unintended actions by requiring verification, or providing verification, of a behaviour.

ModularityWorking together is better

Modularity refers to interchangeability of individual parts across products.

ChunkingStep by step

This is a test to see whats where

ConstraintEven learning trains can have tracks

A constraint is anything that limits the actions available on a system to ensure a predictable outcome.

Flexibility-Usability tradeoffWith great power comes great responsibility

The more flexible a systems is, the harder it is to use, but easier to use systems are often less flexible.

IterationThere are no mistakes, just happy accidents

Iteration is the self-conscious awareness of a design process that involves a certain amount of anticipated failure, with room for revision.

PilotingGet ready for takeoff

Piloting means testing a workshop out before the students participate.

Progressive DisclosureA little goes a long way

Providing layers of information at the speed they can be learned, and diffusing information in helpful ways.